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Key Components of the Missouri Options Program


Students are expected to attend class regularly and to arrive on time for class. The student will be allowed six absences during the semester enrolled in Missouri Options. After six absences the student will be placed on probation with their assistant principal for dismissal from the Missouri Options program.


All Carthage R-9 School District policies apply to all Missouri Options. Please refer to District Policy 2610 found in the student handbook for detailed information. The following are important things to remember and behaviors to display in the Missouri Option Class.

  • The student will respect the other class members' personal property and the property of the school.
  • The student will come to class ready to learn and bring all necessary materials needed for that class period.
  • The student will not disrupt the other students’ rights to the instructional process.


Students are required to be a full-time student and have completed U.S. GovernmentPersonal Finance, and Health classes (including the United States and Missouri Constitution tests), a workforce training class, all state required EOC’s (Algebra IBiologyEnglish II, and Government), and a CPR training. The above requirements must be completed prior to the date of graduation. Students must attend classes full-time and are required to pass two elective credits or complete required classes for credit to meet the full-time status of a Carthage High School student.


A minimum score of 8 must be obtained in any subject with a total average score of 45. Keep in mind that 45 divided by 5 is 9. If a score of 8 is achieved in one area, a 10 is needed in another subject in order to receive the necessary average score of 45 needed to pass the test.

After passing the HISET test, a student cannot leave the program and expect to receive a High School diploma if they do not complete all requirements. The student can keep their scores and receive a High School equivalency certificate from the State of Missouri.


A student may be dismissed from the Carthage Missouri Options Program for violation of any one of these key components.